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You might possibly meet one or more websides where you can find flight tickets.But if you are not a very frequent flyer and search sites are your second home you could consider to leave the search up to us.We will always search more than one sites, take into consideratino actual price action. Even straight flight from A to B has numerous options, different departure times, different boarding conditions. We are going to check them all to find the best suited possibility for you. Above that we are not talking about flights with transfer(s). That could be one`s nightmare. We know how to set filters and what is important all searches are done by humans. No robots. Robots might be accurate and fast but in this case too much accuracy makes you often wondering why you did not take a better flight 10 minutes earlier when you toss a first look at the departures table at the airport. This often caused by a little mistake when you set the filter for the robot. Robot never tells you that you should move filter a bit. Humans are Creative and flexible so are we.


Flights to Prague

Prague Airport Terminal one

Flight Scouting Service

Flights to Prague generated new service flight scouting program for you. This program will enable you to state your needs for flights such as destination, time of travel, time of departure, time of arrival, preferable carrier, preferable price and preferable cabin or assistance services and based on these attributes, flights to Prague will scout the best options for you.
After your request, not depending whether it will be individual, group or large group travel, we will find several appropriate options and we will give these options to your evaluation. With that you will receive portfolio of assistance services options such as rent a car, hotel reservation possibilities etc. You will choose the best option for you and we will place them to the watch list, meaning, that we will inform you about the price development of the ticket during a period of time before your travel. While doing so, we will also watch the best available and corresponding offers that are the closest by its nature to your chosen itinerary and flight.
During the time, we will keep these flights on our watch list and carefully mark every price development and inform you. Apart from the price development in real time, we will also give you a projection of the development based on our experience and long term graphs. That will allow you in final result reach the flight ticket with any airline at a great cost.
These operations are done on day to day basis giving you the best and most effective perspective on the price development as well as further options with similar flight types so you will be able to choose between them and so your final choice will be resulting in the best available flight to your demands.
Flights to Prague enriched this service with kick and go system, that is well known within the US, meaning that in the beginning of the process, once you will choose your best option flight, and if in proper time ahead from the departure itself, we will pre-reserve the flight for you and once there will be a price development to the better economical result, we will change the reservation for you, so you will never lose your flight completely as we realize, that flight deals and flight specifications are not changing only on day to day basis, but also hour to hour basis and so, you will never lose your chosen flight.
With this service, you are not limited to anything, not time, not flight value, not flight time and neither departure time or arrival time, the only limitation is your wish, that will be always the first thing on our minds before anything.
As stated above, flight airline tickets and its value is changing not only on day to day basis but often hour to hour basis. The tickets are in most cases decreasing or increasing the value levels. Because of that, Flights to Prague prepared the list of the most valuable and cheap fights. Depending on your choice, you can always choose our best deals flights and best deals flight tickets that will allow you to make instant booking and so, you will get the best deals there are available.

Cheap flights section are chosen flights, that are at the best value and based on the long term development and our experience there is none or very small possibility that its value will go even to lower levels, hence from our point of view, based on long years’ experience within the industry, in the section cheap flights you will get instantly the best deals and cheapest value flight tickets with instant booking option.
For more information about this service, please do not hesitate to proceed to a contact form, or you can use any general Flights to Prague contact detail and we will be more than happy to help you with any of your inquiry

Prague Airport Information

The Vaclav Havel Airport is located around 30 minutes away from the city centre. The Airport has a lot of services such as car rentals, super market, exchange service, lots of shops and restaurants. However keep in mind that this is an airport, and prices are much higher for a meal or a drink than in the city centre, so we would recommend to eat in town before travelling back home.


Airport Contact Details:

Airport Vaclav Havel in Prague-

More info-

Non-Stop Telephone Line: +420 220 111 888

Lost & Delayed Luggage

Parking at the Airport: Starts at 29,2 € per week


How do i get from the Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi – to the Airport Vaclav Havel? 

There is a bus straight from the main train station Hlavni Nadrazi with the label “AE”that goes directly to the airport (to all terminals)  which takes around 30 minutes. It goes from the train station every ten minutes.

Or you can take the metro red line Hlavni Nadrazi towards Muzeum (the red to green line transfer metro stop) and transfer to the green line of Muzeum. Then sit on the metro  line towards Nemocnice Motol, but get off at the Nadrazi Veleslavin Metro Stop and exit towards the Airport Bus exit.  Bus 119 leaves from near the exit and runs from around 5 a.m. until around 0:30 at night. The airport is at the end of the line and the bus stops at all the terminals – 3 (private flights), 1 (flights to non-Schengen countries), and 2 (flights to Schengen countries). Announcements are made in English at the terminals. Takes around 45 minutes.


How do i get from the City Centre Wenceslas Square to the Airport Vaclav Havel (Metro)?

If you are on the Mustek (green metro line) – around 35 minutes all together

If you are on the Staromestska (green metro line) around 32 minutes all together

Take the green metro line towards Nemocnice Motol, but get off at the Nadrazi Veleslavin Metro Stop and exit towards the Airport Bus exit.  Bus 119 leaves from near the exit and runs from around 5 a.m. until around 0:30 at night. The airport is at the end of the line and the bus stops at all the terminals – 3 (private flights), 1 (flights to non-Schengen countries), and 2 (flights to Schengen countries). Announcements are made in English at the terminals.


Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy

General Public Transport Information

If you need to quickly figure out when your tram, metro, or bus leaves to which ever station/stop you can use the website where you can type in your current nearest stop and your preferred destination stop and it will give you all the transportation methods for the quickest journey.


Ticket Information

Tickets are a must when travelling by public transport in Prague. There are many types of tickets that can be used for public transport. The price of a ticket depends on the time needed to travel and age of traveller. Tickets can be bought at kiosks, in ticket machines next to the metro escalators, or by phone credit SMS by sending a text message to the number 902 06 with a special ticket code. Ticket codes can be found down below in the table.

Text needed to be sent as the “ticket code” Time of ticket for travelling Price of Ticket
DPT32 90 minutes 32 kc
DPT24 30 minutes 24 kc
DPT110 24 hours (1 day) 110 kc
DPT310 72 hours (3 days) 310 kc



It is very important that you buy your tickets because they are checked at every station and you would not want to be approached by surprised by the ticket-man. If you are caught without a ticket you will have to go to the Police Station to pay the fine or pay a fine on the spot to the ticket conductor. Please buy your tickets in advance.


Prague metro

Metro line in Prague


• I want to ask to find a ticket- ⇒

• Do you need a ride from the airport? Fixed prices for 4 persons you will pay only 20 Euro ⇒

• You need to find a hotel in the area? ⇒

• I want to book a ticket on the train ⇒




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