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Cost of Living Prague

Prague is cheaper than Western Europe in terms of food and drink in common shops and restaurants. The beer and wine here in typical pubs is cheaper as well. The prices of clothes and other types of consumer goods is quite similar to other cities in Europe, however.


Czech Currency

The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crowns (koruna). The international abbreviation for the Czech Crown is CZK. The approximate value of 100CZK is around 5 USD / 4 EUR.


The Czech Crown is the best and often the only possible currency to use when paying. Even though the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, the euro is not often accepted here yet. Some stores, restaurants and hotels accept payments in euros but the exchange rate is usually not too good.


Prague Money Exchange Tips

  • Always change money in the ATM’s if you would like to get the best exchange rate and are the most convenient way to get Czech Crowns
  • Also, please be careful when using the exchange offices/booths here in the Czech Republic (especially Prague) because you might end up paying a super high commission or getting a bad rate without even knowing it.
  • Another one of our tips is DO NOT CARRY LARGE AMOUNT OF CASH WITH YOU. It is better and much safer to carry around a credit card and to just take money out of a cash machine as you walk around the city. In Prague it is also popular to use your card to make payments therefore major credit cards are accepted in most locations around Prague.
  • And last one, please always try to pay in Czech Crowns. We are aware that Euros are accepted at companies such as the Tesco department store, some restaurants, and other places however the exchange rate is usually very poor. If you pay in Euros, you will receive your change in Czech Crowns.



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Flights to Prague

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Train trip to Krakow

Last weekend, I’ve decided to make a small trip to the beautiful Polish city – Krakow. I’ve read an article about this place on the internet, and I’ve really liked the photos, so the decision was made quite fast. I’ve booked a room in a small pension, not far from the city center and I began to consider the possibilities of travelling there. My first option was to go by car. But I’m quite lazy, so the vision of 6+ hours behind the wheel was unthinkable. Second option was to go by train. I’ve alway enjoyed travelling by train, so this seemed to bet he right way for me. I‘ve bought a first class train ticket on Train Tickets Europe for the Czech high speed train – Pendolino to Ostrava and from there, I’ve bought another ticket for train of some small company. For the Pendolino train, it was neccessary to buy a seat reservation as well, so I’ve chosed a seat by the Windows, with a table in front of me. Friday at 14:56 my jurney became. When I’ve arrived at the station, the train was already there, and when I entered it, the train stevard lead me to my place, which was really nice of him, because I was terrified of walking through whole train, just to find my place. The seat was really large and comfortable and also the table was in the right distance for me to fold my legs comfortably (I am quite tall, so it was a really pleasant surprise) . When the train began to

move, I almost haven’t recognized it, how quite it was! After some time the cundoctor have arrived to check my tickets, he was polite and have answered all my stupid questions, such as where are the toillets etc. When we wer in the of the way, I was offerred some cold food and a drink menu. I’ve chosed a tuna sandwich and coffee, both was good and for a reasonable price. The Pendolino train was awesomely fast and all the way was calm and pleasant. I’ve had a possibility to charge my laptop, which later proved useful, the socekt was right next to my seat. We have arrived to Ostrava right on time without any delay, so after this expereince I really must recomend travelling by train!

Choose some interesting destination on Train tickets Europe and buy a tickets for the very best price available!

Next time, look forward to the continuation of the story of my trip to Krakow!

Author: Šimon Vanka


Terezin Tour

Terezin, former military fortress composed of citadel and adjacent garrison dated back to 1780 and named after the mother of the Emperor Joseph II., transforming into one of the darkest places in the Europe when during second world war classified as one of the concentration camps of Nazi world. Flights to will take you into the early history connected to the Austrian imperial times and to the dark times of Europe, that should never be forgotten.

Visit to Terezin

Flights to prepared for you trip that will make you cherish freedom and life as we will take you to visit former Nazi concentration camp Terezin. Terezin was not always concentration camp, by its nature was always predestined for its destiny. The town was formed solely for its military purpose by Joseph II, who had the town named after his mother. It all begun with citadel and adjacent garrison barracks dating back to 1780. With years the Terezin fortress was more and more closer to its dark purpose as in the 19th century it became a prison and during the World War II it was used as political prison camp.
When being a political camp, fortress was hosting Gavrilo Princip who is known as assassin of the Emperor Franz Ferdinand the Archduke of Austria. When imprisoned there him and his wife died in Terezin in 1918 on tuberculosis.
Flights to chose this tour in order to invoke the history of second world war so it woud be described and remembered so we will make sure, that none of such horrible scenarios will happen again. When walking the galleys and prison cells, you will sink into the feelings of more than 150 000 people imprisoned here. Although Terezin was never a extermination camp, its inhabitants were sent directly to Auschitz from here and the Terezin fortress recorded more than 33 000 deaths.
Apart from Nazi concentration camp and the ghetto, Terezin served also as he largest Gestapo prison within the former protectorate of Bohemia and Moraia and it was operated separately. The records show that more than 90 000 people went through the Gestapo prison and more than 2 600 of them died there.
During the 6 hours of the tour, we will explain and describe all horrors that took place here, simply because we can never allow something like this to happen again. You will have chance to pay your respects to those held here or to those who died here and pay the respects to those, who fought hardly for the freedom of Nazi occupation in the whole Europe. You will have the chance to feel the flash back of those times for yourselves and you would be able to let the feeling to sink deep within yourselves. Flights to Prague placed this tour so we can cherish the important moments and be part of important impact of such moments especially for the young generation.
Flights to Prague will be not able to bring you happy thoughts during this tour, but we will have the chance to show you a life possibility of important historical flashback that affected the whole Europe and that was and will be affecting future generations for many years to come.
Tour is prepared for you wish kind and carrying atmosphere delivered to you by especially trained and skilled guide. You will be introduced to the complete history and to several stories that are also described by former inmates who had so much luck to live through the horrors of this camp and the time of Nazi occupation itself and we are sure, that this experience will mark your knowledge and thoughts and will make you realize, that everyone who would like to bring such horror on any nation now or in the near future should be stopped and that it should be dealt with everyone, who will even try to do anything similar.
Flights to Prague prepared this tour so we can support the legacy of the living and with the legacy of those who fought for freedom of many. This tour is transferred by comfortable bus and with all the professional personnel that will be at your service for all the time and will help you to understand everything and will answer any questions you may have.
For individual bookings, you can use this instant booking page or contact us. For group, large group or any incentive travel such as conference travel groups please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be at your service. Terezin tour as all of our tours are at best value, so do not miss your chance to travel with as today.



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