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Spa in Bohemia

Would you like Improve their health and visit one of the world-famous health spa in the Czech Republic?

We will advise you, Choose from several Health Resorts

Spa in the region Karlovy Vary:

We provide the treatment of diabetes, obesity, diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver disease, biliary tract and pancreas and conditions after surgery of the digestive tract in its own balneologic. Spas are designed for adults and children 2 years and under escort. We offer wellness, fitness and wellness programs, twelve mineral springs (from 30 to 72 ° C)

Diseases of the circulatory and digestive system, diseases of metabolic disorders and endocrine, respiratory diseases, nervous disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, mental disorders, skin diseases, natural mineral waters, specific climate, children. 
Marianske Lazne
Diseases of the circulatory, digestive and respiratory system, locomotor system, diseases of metabolic disorders and endocrine, nervous disorders, natural mineral water, natural source of carbon dioxide, peat.  

Systematic exploration of the healing effects of springs in Marianske Lazne began to deal with until the late 18th century. Ordinary (doctor) Tepel monastery Dr. Jan Josef Nehru. V r. 1805 built at the Cross Spring first brick house in Marianske Lazne for spa guests, called the Golden ball. With the financial support of Charles Abbot Kaspar Reitenberger originated from inhospitable marshy valley in the years 1817 – 1823 a charming park town with classicist and empire houses, gazebos, pavilions and colonnades – today called Marienbad.

gynecological diseases, including infertility, heart disease, blood circulation, locomotor system, natural healing water, mud, gas

Chronic musculoskeletal diseases, radon waters, the oldest radon spa in the world

Spa in the region Pilsen:

Constantine Spa
cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system, carbonated mineral water, local sources have the greatest amount of carbon dioxide, the smallest spa in Bohemia

Spa in the region South Bohemian:

locomotor system, neurological diseases, moor

locomotor system, moor, one of the oldest spa in the Czech Republic

diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal diseases, turf, which is balneotechnical terms suitable for preparing high-quality wrap blends

Spa in the region Central Bohemian :

Lazne Tousen
locomotor system, sulphurous-ferric peat from local sources

heart disease, circulatory system, conditions after heart surgery, heart attack
infarction, ischemic chronic forms of the disease, vascular disease, diabetes, metabolic diseases including obesity, children: diseases of the joints of the spine, traumatic conditions, obesity, cardiovascular diseases

Spa in the region Usti:

diseases of metabolic disorders and endocrine, nervous disorders and musculoskeletal problems, natural mineral water is warm to hot natural mineral water bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium type kids, the oldest spa in Central Europe

Diseases of the stomach, pancreas, kidney, liver, gallbladder, urinary bladder, natural mineral water (bílinská kyselka)
Mšene spa
locomotor system, osteoporosis, occupational diseases, inflammation of nerves, mud, gas

Spa in the region Liberec:

Kundratice Spa – locomotor system, moor

Spa in the region Pardubice:

Bohdanec Spa
locomotor system, neurological diseases, mud, pure alkaline mineral water

Spa in the region Hradec Kralove:

Janske Lazne
respiratory diseases, nervous disorders, skin, locomotor system, metabolic disorders and endocrine, thermal mineral springs, children

Spa Bělohrad
diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal system, skin and gynecological, sulphurous-ferric moor peat from local sources, mineral water – ferrous acidulous, children: 6-18 musculoskeletal diseases, gynecological diseases 6-15
Moravian-Silesian Region:

Charles Fountain
respiratory diseases, movement disorders, circulatory diseases, natural carbonic mineral water, natural carbon dioxide, peat, climate

movement disorders, neurological problems, gynecological diseases, vascular diseases, iodine-bromine brine, children

Spa in the region Olomouc:

motion and respiratory tract, kidney and urinary tract diseases, obesity
(Mostly children), female infertility, detoxification, natural weakly mineralized, strongly alkaline, hypotonic water, specifically acts against rheumatism, children: obesity, physical and respiratory tract, kidney and urinary tract

Priessnitz spa
circulatory diseases, metabolic disorders and endocrine, respiratory, mental disorders, gynecological diseases, cold spring water, favorable climate for children


circulatory diseases and musculoskeletal disorders, nervous disorders, skin diseases, natural mineral springs of sulphurous water with a hypotonic content of hydrogen sulphide, the oldest spa in Moravia


diseases of the nervous, respiratory, locomotor system, natural sulphurous water, children. We are a unique thermal park, the only one of ITS kind in the Czech Republic. We offer you nine thermal pools and water attractions, professional massages, saunas, ice cabin, relaxation area and a buffet restaurant. You can have a rest, regenerate, recharge your energy with us and support your health

Teplice nad Becvou
cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, strongly mineralized mineral water, thermal, children: diseases of the circulatory system, inflammatory diseases of the joints, skin diseases, especially eczema, diseases of metabolic disorders and endocrine, obesity


Connect with spa trips, you’ll love

What then go to Karlovy Vary Tour?

Flights to Prague prepared for you amazing tour to the Spa city of Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary city is well known for its hot springs as well as for the influence of the Holy Emperor Charles IV. The city is also well known for the annual film festival, that is taking place throughout the city and nowadays belongs to the European leading film festivals. Flights to Prague tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary is very interesting tour at a great value, that will be great amusement for you throughout your stay in Bohemia. You are most welcome to come with us and discover the world of history and culture and walk with us on the spa colonnade.

More about trip

Let us take you with us to the tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary, the most known and the well-established spa city in Czech Republic and popular spa city for the world´s clients. Karlovy Vary were named after one of the greatest Kings of Bohemia realm. Charles IV, was not only the ruler of Bohemia but also the Emperor of the Holy Seat and so, his political influence together with his love for the Bohemian and Moravian lands impacted and reflected in wealth and development in his times. Thanks to these developments, we can today, enjoy many of treasures within the architecture, history etc.

This tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary, brought to you by Flights to Prague will take you to the town visited by many famous people such as Franz Kafka, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alphonse Mucha, Casanova and many others, who came to indulge their senses into this town also known as Carlsbad. Karlovy Vary will invite you with the old and modern colonnades and variety of cultural objects.

When talking about famous and popular people, we should not forget to mention International film festival, that is hosting many star actors such as for example Morgan Freeman or Robert de Niro and many others who all the same say, that they love the atmosphere of this small yet important international film festival.

This small town will welcome you with its great atmosphere, while walking the colonnades amongst the people holding strange looking cups and sipping some kind of liquid. This liquid is the true healing miracle as the water from local hot springs will be like a magical charm to your body health system. Flights to Prague will bring you this amazing journey at a great value cost.

When strolling the streets of Karlovy Vary you should not miss on the traditional Spa waffles called Lazenske oplatky. They come hot or cold with chocolate or without and their taste will indulge your senses. When talking about the senses and their indulging, you should realize, that Karlovy Vary is a home to world known liquor Becherovka. Becherovka is the world famous alcoholic liquor made of herbs and its recipe is a top secret and worth billions of Euro.

With this day tour to Karlovy Vary brought to you by Flights to Prague you will be in care of the most professional and well trained personnel that will take care of all wishes you may have during the tour.

Our staff will guide you with historic interpretation together with the talks and tales of each and every object. You will walk through the many churches and architectural wonders and we will take you back in time of Spa culture that is well known especially in mid-1900´s.

On the way to Karlovy Vary and while there you will have opportunity to visit world’s most famous Moser Crystal factory and some other Bohemian Crystal factories, Thun factory which is the most popular Bohemian porcelain manufacturer and during the way you will be the most welcome to visit Krusovice brewery that is manufacturing some of the most popular and the most quality beers in the world.

You are the most welcome to come with us on this tour and we will take care of your every wish during this day tour. In order to book your tour please use instant booking form on this website.

Should you wish to customize this tour for group or incentive group you are planning the event for, please do not hesitate to contact us for booking or further inquiries.


Would you join with trips to the spa? 

Czech Krumlov

Do not miss the tour to the Jewel of the Bohemia and one of the Jewels of Europe. First historical mention of the town dates back to 1200. Since then the city was formed by many of the historical events and even geological findings such as discovery of gold mines next to the city, which enrichened the city and its inhabitants. With Flights to Prague, you will have the opportunity to walk through untouched historical streets, filled with the stories and legends talking about Templars, alchemist and while walking these paths, you will have the chance to visit medieval taverns or modern café´s and bars. This tour is strongly recommended by Flights to Prague.

More about trip

Flight to Prague would like to invite you to the golden times of Bohemian history, to the times of mediaeval arts and trade through the tour to Cesky Krumlov, that is enlisted in Unesco´s world heritage list and thanks to its conservation is considered to be true Bohemian Jewell and one of the European historical wonders.

Czech  Krumlov was home to many movies and its castle to many fairy tales and so, Flights to Prague will take you for the tour to this magical city on the banks of Vltava river. With this great value tour, you will enjoy the atmosphere of magic of medieval tales, no matter if going through the historical city or when browsing the old river taverns. No matter where you will go, you will have the chance to touch the history same way as old alchemist did, or many of eldest royalty did when visiting this enchanted small city. Our tour will take you around the town, visiting the major historic spots as well as some town hidden corners that will have you dream back into the very past of Bohemia. All such atmosphere is multiplied by its people all around you. Tour takes you walking within the oldest city parts and corners, talking about the magical tales and talking about the history. Apart from all that you will have the chance to visit some fashion boutique shops as well as manufacturing shops allowing you to buy some fine and unique handmade jewellery or other handmade products, even spirits made from the Castle´s honey and, or fruit.

One of the biggest and most sought for attributes of Cesky Krumlov medieval town would be its castle. Apart from its amazing history and interiors you will be able to experience the tale and true story behind the full gold carriage of the Cesky Krumlov castle. Its story begun in 1637 when Emperor Ferdinand III came to realize his political duties one of which was contact with Pope. And so, he have had made this carriage that with grace and lavishness overcame a difficult journey to His Holiness the Pope. The carriage itself was used only once and since then is placed within the historic installation of the castle.

Another wonder of Cesky Krumlov is dating back to more later times. It is world unique revolving auditorium first mentioned in 1958. Since then this auditorium hosted more than 2 million visitors performing for over 3200 performances. One of the further interesting facts is, that Unesco is fighting for a removal of this unique cultural attributes and it even threatens local facilities than if not complying with Unesco wishes, it will remove the whole city and castle off the world heritage cultural list. For now, for good, the threats have not been met and so we can enjoy amazing cultural events and atmosphere while visiting this unique art spot.

Flights to Prague did realize the unique importance of Cesky Krumlov when building Prague to Cesky Krumlov tour and so, we chose the best and the most significant monuments, parts and places, so you will be able to properly soak and sink into the enchanting atmosphere and we did well. Based on the reaction of our clients, some of which are returning, we were able to establish a great connection between the place and our clients, which they are taking with them for the rest of their lives. Especially we recommend to come with us to Cesky Krumlov for two-day tour, including lunch and medieval dinner.

Apart from culture and history, Cesky Krumlov has also many sporting and social spots. From the water sports, to river rafting and night clubbing or fine dining on the banks of Vltava, you will have the life time opportunity to enjoy your time with loved ones, friends, family or colleagues. No matter where you come from and what you do for your work, you will love the place, it is a promise.

Whole tour, will be provided by the best personnel, well trained and ready to fulfil your every wish.

For more information about Fights to Prague tour from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, please use instant booking form or do not hesitate to contact us and we will be at your service.

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