One World Film Festival in Prague 2017

1.3.2017 | seolight


View of Prague from Letensky Orchards Czech Republic | Flights to Prague

View of Prague from Letensky Orchards Czech Republic | Flights to Prague

One World festival is another example of Pragues annual event. It takes place every March – this year it will be from 6th March until 15th March in Prague and other Czech and European cities. This is festival of documentary films, mostly about social themes, global problems and human rights. It is organized by the association Člověk v tísni, which is one of the biggest nonprofit organisations in central Europe. Last year, more that 120 thousands of people have visited this festival. The aim of festival is to inform people and scholars (because in that time there is side action called One World in schools) about undiscused social problems, actual crisis situations all around the globe. It gives opportunity to investigative journalist, directors and many refugees and dissidents, to speak openly about very important issues. Also many witnesses and survivors of tragedies get their space to speak there and to tell their touching stories in the form of discussions with the audience. This festival is really great concept. If you are interested in social and political issues, nature, or just want to see places you probably never been to, this festival is definitely the right choice for you!

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