Prague castle in detail

Statues at the cathedral of St. Vita view from the left side in Prague | Flights to Prague

Prague castle

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On this tour, we would like to give you the possibility of detailed excursion to Prague Castle! We will take you there by our coach with professional trained guide. For next 3,5 hour you will experience the amazing historical sights such as the Royal Palace, impressive St. Vitus Cathedral with its beauteous decorated interior, St.George’s basilica and the Golden Lane – minuscule street with houses built into the fortification. The aim of this tour is to show to learn you as much about the Prague Castle’s history in details as possible and underline its role in Czech history.

After the end of visitation, we will descend the castles stairs (where you will experience a beautiful view, ideal for taking photos, to the Lesser town and we will walk to the Charles Bridge where this tour will finish. But once you there, why wouldn’t you enjoy the beautiful scenery that Charles Bridge may offer you? This well-known stone bridge was built in 1402 on a place of former Judith’s bridge, unfortunately brought down by floods in 1342. So the almighty Czech king – Charles the 4th decided to build a new bridge, to connect both banks of Vlatava. With its impressive total length of 515,76 meters and 30 mostly baroque statues of saints, it is an ideal place for an afternoon walk! Also you have a quite awesome view on the Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge. The bridge connects the Old Town (Staré město) and Small Side (Malá strana), which are both really

worth a visit, so whatever direction you will take on this bridge, you won’t be disappointed!

Total duration of this tour is 3,5 hour and it promises the very best experience of Prague Castle you may get!

Free entry to monuments can be found in an article in Prague news  (A day of free entry at the Prague Castle)

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Duration: 3,5 hours

Transportation: Incl. admission to the Castle

Price: Adults: 34€ - Students: 28€ - Children: 23€


Departure times: 11:30

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