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Type of tripBUS 19+1+1 Price- EURBUS 32+1+1 Price- EURBUS 49+1+1 Price- EURBUS 57+1+1 Price- EUR
Prague airport - hotel55 €78 €93 €108 €
Hotel - restaurant55 €76 €92 €108 €
Hotel - restaurant and back 4h115 €141 €167 €208 €
Train station - hotel52 €82 €93 €115 €
Sightseing 2h71 €97 €130 €152 €
Sightseing 3h112 €137 €167 € 193 €
Sightseing 4h122 €148 €178 €215 €
Sightseing 6h167 €213 €254 €291 €
Mnichov 14h555 €704 €834 €889 €
Vienna excursion 12h648 €797 €852 €945 €
Dresden excursion 10h263 €378 €452 €529 €
Kutna Hora 6h 167 €229 €289 €312 €
Ceský Krumlov+ Hluboka 10h 278 €389 €489 €538 €
Karlštejn 5h 198 €239 €269 €298 €
Konopiště 5h 198 €239 €269 €298 €
Křivoklát 5h 198 €239 €269 €298 €
Karlštejn + Konopiště 9h 249 €323 €358 €389 €
Český Šternberk 5h 178 €228 €273 €296 €
Čes. Šternberk + K. Hora 8h 247 €329 €359 €387 €
Karlovy Vary 6-8h 259 €357 €417 €448 €
Karlovy Vary - transfer no waiting 227 €312 €363 €383 €
Karlovy Vary + Pilsen 10h269 €349 €438 €497 €
Karlovy Vary + Mariánské Lázně 12h279 €389 €467 €512 €
Mariánské Lázně 9h266 €338 €437 €478 €
Františkovy Lázně 9h266 €338 €437 €478 €
České Budějovice 10h273 €381 €486 €539 €
České Budějovice + Hluboká 10h283 €391 €496 €549 €
České Budějovice + Český Krumlov 10h283 €391 €496 €549 €
Plzen 6h181 €248 €303 €337 €
Terezín 6h181 €248 €303 €337 €
Vitkovice LAndek PARK 14h685 €833 €888 €981 €
Lednice, Valtice 11h289 €378 €467 €512 €
AQUA PARK Babylon, Liberec 14h 263 €347 €423 €467 €
GARDENS Kromeřiž 11h289 €378 €467 €512 €
Regensburg 12h556 €713 €843 €898 €
Rothenburg OB DER Tauber 14h556 €713 €843 €898 €
Bamberg 12h653 €798 €867 €957 €
SHOPS OUTLETY Parndorf 12h697 €853 €897 €981 €

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Tour Bus

Bus trips brought to you by Flights to Prague will bring to you bus trips connected to our Prague tours and tours to our other destinations, but also simple Bus trips in and within Prague city limits and in its near vicinity. All of these tours are structured for your high comfort with professional drivers and with the most safety that will help you to enjoy your time in Prague and Czech Republic. In order to see our Czech Republic trips and Euro trips please click here.

More about Bus Trips

Flights to Prague prepared the variety of bus trips options. No matter if you searching for individual bus trip when visiting Prague, that will take you within Prague and its surroundings or around Czech Republic, or should you choose planned bus trips with itinerary, we have it all.
Based on long year experience within the travel and tourism industry we chose several locations within Czech Republic as well as several European locations that are not only worth to see, but most importantly, its story or the nature of the trip was the leading attribute when thinking of our trips. We will take you to the interesting places and cities, that are worth of visit and, for us, are the top locations and events, that should not be missed as they will be remembered by you for many years to come. No matter if it is our wine trail tour, castle tour, Prague tour, brewery tour or trip to Vienna, Berlin or Dresden, Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary, you will experience the best time you can have.

Apart from already chosen trips, you have the option, to build your own trip as our company offers many experiences. All you have to do is to choose the area of interest or contact us with any request what you would like to experience, or choose between trips to the cities, trips to variety of manufactures, such as Bohemia Glass and Crystal manufactures, Breweries and so much more and we will build your trip custom for you.
You can shop within hidden places of the locations, visit traditional food and market spots, visit historical places, that were ruling European history. Apart from these you will be able to visit manufactures where you will be most welcome to taste the production or you will be most welcome to make your own product such as Bohemia Crystal and Glass factory, where you will have the chance to blow your own glass. All of our bus trips are ready to give you unforgettable experience which you will share with your family, friends or co-workers, but mostly, which will stay for you for the rest of your life as hidden treasure.
Not ready for trips within the European cities or within the Czech Republic? It’s okay, if you are looking for the bus trip within the Prague city we can adjust the trip just for the Prague trip, which your group or incentive will fall in love with. Are you looking only for the airport transfer? It’s okay, we have the right solution for your group, that you may find in our Transfer section, that will offer the right solution for you, including transfer from and to Prague International airport.
Flights to Prague are ready to assist you with any of your request. Our portfolio includes top serviced busses with or without on board service and higher capacity vehicles servicing smaller groups also with or without on board service. Apart from that, we are always focusing on cooperation with experienced and professional drivers that will transport you in safety and even help to enjoy your travel with us.
For transfer options please check the section Transfers on our website or click here.
For customized bus trip option, please do not hesitate to contact us with several details or request options that you may choose from, we will help to guide you through all opportunities.
For the European and Czech Republic tour offer you may visit the section with the offers, or you may contact us and we will send you catalogized items you may choose from.


We recommend one of the many tour

Karlstejn Castle Tour

Karlstejn is considered to be one of the most important castle in Czech Republic. It was built in 1348 by the Holy Emperor Charles IV and Flights to Prague will take you back in time with this day tour from Prague to Karlstejn so you can soak in the medieval atmosphere and you will have the opportunity to learn the story of the castle who held Bohemian coronation jewels. This amazing one day tour to Karlstejn castle is one of the best tours when you would love to spend a day out of Prague and we will take you at a great cost as this tour is a great deal. During the tour you will be taken care of by professional and friendly staff and the transfer to the Karlstejn and back to Prague is provided to you by comfortable and fully insured vehicle.


More about the tour to Karlstejn Castle

Flights to Prague prepared a one day tour from Prague to Karlstejn Castle. The tour takes approximately 5 hours and you will be in a good and professional hands of well trained and specialized guides, that will take you back in time in history, but that will also tell you less known stories and tales from the history past gone or the history from closest past to our ages. With this tour, you will not only learn about the history of a castle, but also the history of the whole nation as the tour as well as the castle itself is connected to the Charles IV, who was the Holy Emperor and as such, he had influenced the whole Europe and thanks to this political impact, Czech Republic, under his ruling was thriving as the richest land within the empire and off course, as such, it hides many of the tales and stories.
We will take you to the closest vicinity of the castle where you can choose to get to the castle walking, through the old path where all visitors in the past and present had to walk or you can use horse carriage to soak in the medieval atmosphere even a bit more. When in the castle you will realize that this amazing piece of history has its own atmosphere strong as the knights and he King of its time, as well as romantic as the Emperors ban of all women presence there, that was broken by the wise Queen. No matter where you look or no matter what you focus on, the place will guide you through its amazing story.
When walking the guided tour through the castle on your Prague to Karlstejn day tour with Flights to Prague, you will be told the story about the castle that was built in 1348 and was used as place for safekeeping of Imperial Regalias, Bohemian treasures and crown jewels as well as the holy relics.
This large historical monument is one of the most visited castles and historical monuments within the Bohemian lands and as such, it has a little bit of something for every visitor. No matter if it is inner interior replicas, or its rich history that is filled with amazing tales, or if it is several architectural wonders of its time such as Well Tower, which serves as logistical centre of the whole caste and without it, castle would not be able of any operation.
On another hand, you can discover the tales about the castle never been surrendered by any force and hence it was safe and true jewels in royal residences.
The whole journey is amazing and you should not miss on this great day tour, no matter if it is the visit of this jewel in Bohemian History itself, or if it is the walk in amazing nature in and around the Karlstejn castle, you will be attacked, on every minute, with something interesting and something, that will tell and explain the amazing tale or have you just wonder in your own world, with no care as the care for you will be the solely job of our staff. We will make sure, that our staff will take care of you and your every need so your focus can be directed solely on the enjoyment of this day trip.
Flights to Prague company is once again bringing to you day tour, that will make you feel like a VIP, with all the services and with the all friendly staff, that will take care of you and your every need and that will be at your service with the advice or with kind and friendly, yet the most professional help.
So, do not miss out on this tour from Prague to Karlstejn with Flights to Prague and book your trip today by using the booking form on this page or contact us on any of contact details provided at our contact us page.
Should you plan a group or large group event or should you include this trip to your incentive or congress itinerary please contact us with your inquiry and we will customize this day tour to your needs and the highest satisfaction.


We recommend also a beautiful tour Prague To Vienna Tour

Come with us touring amazing time in history and culture while visiting Vienna with one of our tours. Flights to Prague prepared day long great journey from Prague to Vienna revealing history, shopping and traditions of this amazing city that was the Seat of the Emperors for many years. You will have the chance to see all Vienna´s greatest with us all in comfort and with professional service giving to you at a great value price.


More about trip from Prague to Vienna

Vienna is one of the most important cities in Europe. Its history is hiding great culture, amazing history of the most important European composers, great Empire tales and history in regards to the Emperors ruling one of the greatest Empires in Europe or less and more known shopping spots that will take you to the world of luxury. Vienna has it all and all that with the most professional service brought to you by Flights to Prague.
Our tour will take you to the world of Beethoven, Brahms, Braun and many others while visiting the spots where these giants of the world music used to work, gathering their inspiration or where they used to live. You will walk the same streets and they used to and so, you will be able to sink into the atmosphere connected to some of the most known musicians and composers in the world. You will be taken back in time and we will try to explain the atmospheric attributes that helped to birth of such world classics such as Beethoven’s 9th, or Brahms´s Symphonies no. 1 and 4 or his Piano Concerto.
If you are not after the history of music, it does not matter, the History and present of Vienna is so diverse, that you have a bit of anything. For instance, you will be able to follow the steps of the Austrian Empire, that ruled Central Europe for years. The world of Vienna as Emperors seat and as such, its world that was impacted by the presence of the Emperor and his family. As many cities in the world, that used to house Emperors, Vienna was enriched in its architecture and history and so you can enjoy its beauty nowadays with Flights to Prague tour. We will take you to the same spots walked by the royalty and you will have the opportunity to soak the atmosphere of their time.
Not looking for the history? It is okay, if you are after more worldly pleasures such as shopping or clubbing be assured that Vienna has it as well. Instead of visiting Schonbrunn Palace, Belveder Palace or for example St. Stephen´s Cathedral, you can let go your Visa or Master Card while storming Mariahilfer Street, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse or Rochus Market, where you will be introduced to the world of luxury with the world most luxurious brands, or small and inconspicuous shops, that will offer always something special to you.
Vienna has it all and with our Prague to Vienna tour you will have golden opportunity to feel and experience it all in comfort and with friendly staff.
After walking in the past visiting the monuments of the greatest Vienna importance, after visiting the times of great composers or after great shopping spree, you will be invited to have a rest while visiting the Vienna´s most known coffee, which will indulge your senses with the coffee and world known Sacher tart or Strudl (apple pie), that are one of the most significant attributes teasing your palate.
For these reasons, and much more, you should not miss the opportunity to experience this tour as the whole time, apart from all mentioned attractions, you will be present in the Unesco´s World Heritage sceneries.
Flights to Prague tour to Vienna takes about 3,5 hours and you will be the most precious clients to very friendly and professional staff, that will take care of all of your wishes for the whole time.
You should check with us for the next individual departures and should you wish to experience the tour as a group or large group, or should you wish to customize the tour for your congress or any other incentive group, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to build the tour to your exact needs.
For more information and for all inquiries you can contact us directly via contact form, or you can use any of our emails, or you can book this tour instantly here in this section. Don´t miss on the chance to enrich yourselves with bits of history, luxury and world known food specialties.



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